About Us

Who is Anointed Apparel and Accessories by Lelia? 
Anointed Apparel & Accessories by Lelia is a custom-made clothing and alteration business that offers professional custom handmade Lelia Nelson, Ownerclothing and accessories as well as alterations and repair for ready-to-wear clothing.

Lelia Nelson, owner and operator has more than 25 yrs of experience in the sewing field and has successfully operated a sewing business since 1998 under names including “Just You” and “Mademoiselle”.  Anointed Apparel & Accessories has been in operation since 2007 and has primarily been a service business, but is expanding to include embroidery and custom handmade accessories for retail.

Business Philosophy

My goal is to offer personalized custom handmade clothing and accessories for anyone who wants specialty items custom designed for personal use, or as a gift.  My customers also include those who request items with a spiritual or inspirational theme such as pillows, pictures, tote bags, etc.  We also provide products and services to churches in the local community and surrounding areas, such as: robes and accessories for clergy and choirs, as well as uniforms for other church ministries.

More about Lelia 

Lelia, a native of Appomattox, VA, moved into the Staunton area in 1977 to join Leggett in their Assistant Divisional Management program. Years later in 1998 while working at Mary Baldwin College Lelia was approached by Lynn Moses (Ellis) to take over “Just You” Custom Sewing and Alteration business because she was relocating to another state.  Having learned to sew from her mother, and receiving her B.S. from Longwood College in Textiles and Clothing, Lelia had experience in sewing but did not have any experience in operating a business or doing alterations.

After much prayer and consulting mentors, Lelia accepted the challenge.  She is now venturing out and being more creative in her gift, creating a variety of embroidered shawls including ‘the Names of God’ line and other inspirational accessories. “I realize that my sewing ability is a gift from God and He has anointed me to do what I do”  -Lelia Nelson, Owner

Names of God Shawl