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A lapcloth is an accessory that is used by women at church or in other religious settings to cover one’s knees while seated. They make great elegant gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, weddings, bridal accessories, conference speakers, etc. Ours are made of polyester or satin fabric in a variety of colors. prices range from $22.95 – $30.95 depending on size and fabric. Monogramming and embroidery are available for an additional fee.The gallery below shows several options of color, fabric and trim available.  All lapcloths are custom created for you.

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Custom Scarf

September 17, 2018

My scarf is beautifully crafted as usual. Shipped in a timely manner as well! Thank you so much!

Sharonne JoyJoy Jacobs

Custom Scarf

September 14, 2018

My scarf matched my dress perfectly! Top of line service, excellent communication, and shipped quickly in time for Convocation. Thank you so much Lelia!

Sharonne JoyJoy Jacobs


July 31, 2018

Thank you Lelia for exceeding my expectations with my custom order. My lapcloths are beautifully crafted and just as described! I haven’t used my red one yet but is so pretty too! I received so many compliments on my growing collection! Prophetess Joy

Sharonne JoyJoy Jacobs