Stoles can be made for choir, clergy or special occasions.  Custom colors, monogramming, and sizes are available.

Prayer Shawls

Add meaning to times of prayer with this beautiful embroidered tallit ,or prayer shawl. Jewish men wore a Talith all the time, not just at prayer. Talith contains two Hebrew words, TAL meaning tent, and ITH meaning little..”little tent”. Each man had his own “little tent” or prayer shawl. They would pull it up over their head forming a tent where they would began to chant and sing their Hebrew songs and call upon “Elohim, Yahweh, Adonai”. It was an intimate, private time from anyone else where they totally focused upon God. This was their “prayer closet”.

Custom Designed Clothing

We create custom designed clothing and will work with you to create that special outfit. Do you have an article of clothing you just love but want it in another fabric or color?  We can duplicate it for you. We also do custom monogramming on just about anything!

Female Clergy and Ministerial Towels

Our ministerial towels are all custom designed for males or females. Your choice of color, text, logo from our extensive library and trim.  Towels for Females are hand towels or wash cloths with added trim and lace custom designed just for you.

Clergy Robes

Custom designed Clergy Robes and Jackets are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and trim. See our Product Catalog and contact us to discuss the perfect clergy robe for you or your pastor.

Choir Robes

Choir Robes and Stoles are custom-designed for you.  We will work with you to select your style, fabric, color, and trim.  Add a custom monogram, names and logo for a complete presentation.